The ValidSign Platform

ValidSign - Digital legally signing. ValidSign offers the highest quality in the market to facilitate digital signing. ValidSign offers numerous integrations with ECM, ERP and CRM systems for easy digital signing, also with a PKI government or qualified certificate. Our product is delivered through an enterprise-grade SaaS with an open API. Connect using REST API or use our Java and .NET SDK's!

Why ValidSign

With the ValidSign platform, it’s easy to speed up your business processes by automating signing. Preparing a transaction to allow people inside or outside your organization to sign documents is easy. Simply add the document/documents, the (external) signers, and the verification method and start the transaction. The signers will receive a notification to view and digitally signthe document. Easy and secure, in the most trusted Cloud.

Product overview

ValidSign provides a complete Electronic Signature Process Management platform for the Web, including preparing, distributing, reviewing, signing, and downloading documents.


The product has two main functional sectors:

  • ValidSign Platform: This is the product's core transactional and business logic.
  • ValidSign Application: This is the product's front end. Users, administrators, and integrators can interact with the Application using its GUI, its API, its SDKs, or its connectors. The Application is built on our REST Integration Model.

Benefits of ValidSign

The Application offers customers the following major benefits

  • All customers can use a rich GUI that is out-of-the-box. Prepare your transactions from every machine with an interactive GUI.
  • A Sender GUI enables users to manually create and manage e-signature transactions in a sender-driven (ad hoc) manner. Next to that, customers can create and manage transactions via a software-integration layer (i.e., "straight-through processing" that is system-generated, with no manual intervention). Our customers can create and manage transactions either way, or both ways.
  • Customers can use built-in connectivity to various third-party applications (e.g., Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint).
  • The Application is built on a REST Integration Model that: (1) is easy to use; (2) reduces the time and expense required for an on‐premises deployment.

Account-Level Features

ValidSign has many features that can be enabled or disabled for your account by contacting our Support Team. Take a look of the main features here.